Create a whole new experience through ”technology × content”
This is our company's mission.

Content Production Service (Comics / Anime)

We create, edit, and produce comics which are then sold via our online bookstore.
Our company has fast become one of the leading electronic comic companies in our specialization on the market.
In addition to digital comics production, our company is swiftly gaining traction in the animation, drama, and mixed media industry.

wwwave comic

"wwwave comics"consists of 5 labels.
Each genre is specially crafted and tailored to enhance your reading experience.

Our company manages all creation processes from the editing to the sales.

For this reason, we are able to quickly adapt to and assimilate new market trends for the betterment of our service.





Original Comic Creation

We create novel scenarios and support artists with the creation of original content in order to meet the changing needs of the market.

Anime Production Service

Our company turns our own original comics into anime. By not relying on another production company, we are able to maintain complete creative control over our work.
We have found that anime production plays a key role in our endeavors to venture further into the mixed media industry.

Web Service /Apps

Making full use of our own content, our company also operates a web service which provides digital comics and anime.
We provide these services not only to Japan, but also globally.


This service provides digital comics, games, drama CDs, and other diverse contents to the Japanese market.


We also distribute our original content to English and Spanish speaking audiences.


This service provides original animes and other diverse contents to the Japanese market.


This service provides Japanese manga and anime translated into French accessible with the unlimited subscription.


Company name
WWWave Corporation
April 9th, 2010
Representative Director Kota Sekiguchi

Sunshine60, 15F 3-1-1 Higashi-ikebukuro,Toshima-ku,Tokyo 170-6015 Japan


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